Vermont Dairy Education Library

Brought to you by the Vermont Dairy Promotion Council, this library of dairy education videos covers a wide range of topics that impact the way dairy farmers operate in Vermont, and attempts to show a “slice-of-life” for our hard-working farmers across the state.

Celebrating a Vermont Sunrise on Easter – Vermont provides glorious scenery year-round.  Our tourists know it as well as our citizens.  We take many special moments, like a sunrise on Easter, to recognize and acknowledge the landscape, the heritage, culture, and close-knit rural communities and family life that our dairy industry and farmers have provided for 200 years across the state and continue to provide us all today.

Draglining – An important, environmentally friendly process for farmers to manage the fertilization and care of their soil, their manure and their costs while working to avoid negative water quality impacts for our state’s watersheds and publicly shared bodies of water:

Maple Syrup Production – Many farmers augment their income with the “sweet stuff”, Vermont Maple Syrup.  A tradition for centuries in our state, Vermont leads the nation and is only second to Quebec in yearly maple syrup production.

A Season in the Fields – Farmers must manage their fields to best serve the needs of their animals and the environment.  There are a number of different concerns and processes farmers must plan for and follow through on in a timely manner, all while watching what Mother Nature has in store.

First Cut 2022 – Ride along with Custom Harvester Richie Rainville as he attempts to get the first cut of hay in during a wet and cool spring, making for challenging work.  Listen as he explains the challenges and importance of treating the fields with professionalism and care.


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*All videos are produced by Follow-A-Farmer and the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets The Vermont Dairy Promotion Council sponsors this effort and works to educate the public on the ecological, environmental and economic importance of all dairy farming and dairy industry products to Vermont.