Vermont’s Dairy Workforce

Dairy is one of Vermont’s top job providers, producing some $360 million in wages and salaries each year. From yogurt makers to farmers to ice cream scoopers to dairy equipment purveyors, some 6,000-7,000 jobs—a full 2.5% of the state’s workforce—are connected to Vermont dairy.*

Dairy helps keep our dollars local. The dairy industry provides “working lands” jobs that keep families here in Vermont, supporting our uniquely rural way of life and contributing to local tax bases. A significant portion of dairy-related wages and salaries help support our local economy, as dairy employees buy local goods and services and pay taxes.

Vermont’s dairy industry employs a diverse workforce with a broad range of skills, providing opportunities for individuals with varied backgrounds and experiences.


“Dairy farming is the only kind of farming in Vermont in which the majority of farmers generated most of their income from farming.”

Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund:
Farm to Plate Strategic Plan, Executive Summary