Monument Farms

Middlebury, VT

Monument Farms

Monument Farms Dairy is a third generation family farm that provides a vibrant dairy center for Weybridge, VT. The original farm, purchased in 1931 was 28 acres. Richard and Marjory James bought the farm in 1931, and soon began bottling and selling milk directly to the public. Today, Monument Farms milks about 460 cows and manages approximately 2000 acres in the lower Otter Creek river watershed.

The long term investment in the processing and bottling allows Monument to serve as a direct wholesaler of Vermont milk to many regional outlets. Monument strives to be environmentally conscientious, believing that, to be sustainable, every decision must be made with an eye to the long term benefits and impacts to the land. A few years ago Monument Farms celebrated its 75th farm reunion with over 3000 people in attendance.

Monument Dairy has been following a nutrient management plan for several years and strives to exceed the state’s regulations regarding water quality. Best management practices are in place for all aspects of the farm’s waste management systems. The farm continually rotates crops to lower soil erosion, applies manure based on calculated agronomic rates, maintains buffers on all fields along water ways, and continues to look for ways to improve on its overall soil fertility. Currently under construction is an anaerobic digester to produce methane from the manure which will power a generator to produce electricity.  The digested manure will then be separated to produce bedding for the milking herd and a more odor-free liquid for land application.

The James and Rooney families take a great deal of pride in producing some of the finest dairy products in the state in a sustainable manner, ensuring that Vermonters have a long-term supply of fresh local milk.