Foster Brothers Farm

Middlebury, VT

Foster Brothers Farm

Foster Brothers Dairy Farm in Middlebury, Vermont is milk and a whole lot more. Here’s the story behind MooDoo…

Vermont Natural Ag Products, Incorporated is a subsidiary of the Foster Brothers Farm in Middlebury, Vermont.  Foster Brothers is a fifth-generation family farm in Vermont's beautiful Champlain Valley.

The Foster Brothers farm began its dairy operation in 1941 and incorporated in 1971.  Today, the farm covers 1537 acres in Addison County.  The dairy has a herd of more than 630 cows, of which more than 370 are milked.  The herd produces over 10.8 million pounds of milk each year.

During the energy crisis of the late 1970's, Foster Brothers Farm started producing more than milk to keep the family business going strong.   They began producing  electricity from cow manure (and continue to do so today).  This electricity is used to provide power for the farm and the excess is sold to the local utility.  To produce the electricity, the Fosters built an anaerobic digester which uses bacteria to break down the manure into methane gas.  The methane gas is used as a clean burning, environmentally safe source of fuel for electrical generation.

Not satisfied with simply recovering energy from the manure, the Fosters used their "Yankee ingenuity" to take the process of digestion a step further.  The Fosters began composting in 1989. What started out as a way to better utilize nutrients and supply a local market quickly grew into a regional business as word spread about the superior quality of materials that the farm was producing.

Vermont Natural Ag Products, Inc. has taken over where the Fosters left off and is now a leader in the production of soils, composts, and growing mixes in the Northeastern United States.  Using the digested manure, they have been able to develop an organic product line that makes growing a little bit more productive and, of course, a little bit more natural.

Vermont Natural Ag Products continues to support the environmental stewardship of the land and the economic benefit to the composter and the community.

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